Dear Summer, You Will be Missed

In exactly three weeks from today, my little girl and I will start school.

I will pack my new, fancy school bag, put on my big girl undies and start my first day.

I will pack Miss A’s Monster High backpack, she’ll put on her new kicks and start her first day.

She is starting preschool-she just misses the cutoff for kindergarten-which to be honest, is more than fine with me. She has her entire life to be in school. I am in no hurry to rush her growing up.

With great anticipation, we are both facing a new milestone.

I am nervous and excited for her and me both.

Back to school is nerve racking no matter what your age.

No matter how old you are, the worries remain unchanged.

Will the other students like me?

Will I fit in?

Will I do well?

Will I like my teacher?

There are so many unknowns.

For Miss A, she is embarking on a completely new journey. For me, I am nearing the end of my journey. But, come September, she and I will share our first day of school together, and I will likely empty a box of Kleenex before the day is over.

Over the summer, we have had the luxury of spending a significant amount of time together. This has been incredibly memorable and important, as I know how busy my schedule becomes once September rolls around. I feel blessed to have been able to spend this time with my daughter, and my husband.

There are many things I will miss about summer, but here is my top five:

  1. No routine. This has been amazing. I mean really, we have had no obligations, no time line, no rushing and no setting of the alarm (except for Nick…sorry about that!). Other than the plans we chose to make, we were free to do as we pleased and didn’t have to worry about much else in between. With September lurking around the corner, reality is setting in. Back to routine, early mornings, and schedules. I will miss this most when I am sleepily rushing to my 8am class.
  2. Lazy Mornings. I will confess. We didn’t do much before 11am around our house. I spent many mornings sipping coffee, and writing. I mean writing what I wanted to write, which was exhilarating and rewarding. I know once school begins, my (personal) writing will likely take a backseat. However, I am determined to fit it in as much as possible. Avrey was happy to play with her Shopkins (her newest obsession), play dolls, crack out the play dough, or paint. And, lets be honest, she loves Netflix just as much as her mom does.
  3. Late nights. I am a night owl. I seem to be just getting started when everyone else is shutting down. Some nights, when everyone else was in bed, I was able to binge watch my shows and not feel an ounce of guilt. Nick and I spent our evenings together, and we made an effort to make the most out of our alone time. Avrey played hard through the day, and sleep came easy. Thank you sunshine, fresh air, spray parks, and running free outside.
  4. Sunshine. I know this one seems obvious, but it had to make the list. Summer means hours spent outside, bathing suits, flip flops, and sprinklers. There is nothing better than feeling the warm sunshine on your face and watching your pale skin darken beneath its beams. Soon, we will be bundling layer upon layer onto our once again pasty skin, which makes me shiver simply thinking about it.
  5. Family time. Nick works two jobs while I am in school. Me having the summer off means when he is home, we are able to soak up the time as a family. When I am back in school, our family time is limited and we are often like two ships passing in the night. The summer, while still busy, meant more opportunity for time together. How grateful I am for the memories we have made this summer. These memories are lasting, and will fuel me through the long days when it feels like we haven’t seen each other for days.

The good news is that there is still three weeks left until our first day. We will continue to make the most of the Summer we have left. However, if the past few months are any indication, September will arrive swiftly. The cool evenings are a gentle reminder that the end is near.

Each season brings new beginnings, challenges, and change. 

At times these can be scary and daunting, but once we are placed in them, we are filled with new life and a fresh chapter unfolds.

So, dear Summer, you will be missed when you are gone.

But, we look forward to a new season filled with possibilities, memories, and adventures. 


Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 9.20.18 PM


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