I am Sad…

Yesterday I signed onto social media and was bombarded with images and stories from many different news and entertainment reporting websites. This is nothing unusual. I generally start my day scrolling through Twitter to catch up on the latest news and celebrity gossip.

However, yesterday was different.

The two stories I saw making headlines left me feeling many emotions. Perhaps it is because I am a wife, or a mother, or a decent human being, what I read has weighed heavily on my mind.

These two stories in particular left me bothered, angry, and, to be honest, sad.

Very, very sad.

The first story is in regard to Josh Duggar. Scandal has been on his heels over the last few months. Earlier this year, reports of him sexually molesting young girls as a teenager, including his own sisters, surfaced. This story made me sad. Sad for his family, his wife, his children, and those he victimized.

Now it has leaked that he was a subscriber to Ashley Madison. For those unfamiliar with this website, it is an online website devoted to helping people have affairs. Their tagline: “Life is short, have an affair.” Need I say more? No. I should stop now before the rest of my post is filled with expletives. Needless to say, I am not a fan.

Duggar released a statement admitting to having an affair for several years, while his devoted wife carried, and brought their children into the world. She also stood by his side throughout the previous scandal (while pregnant at the time). I have not followed the Duggar family closely, but I understand they are against pre-marital sex, believe in courting before marriage, and the first kiss between man and woman takes place at their wedding after being pronounced husband and wife. His actions are clearly not representative of what his family stands for. But, who condones these actions, whether your last name is Duggar or not? I know I certainly don’t. His actions are inexcusable, immature, and hypocritical.

The second story surrounds former Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle. We know his face, and his infamous weight loss as it was featured in endless Subway commercials over the years.

According to CNN, Fogle is “expected to plead guilty on one count each of traveling to engage in illicit sexual conduct with a minor and distribution and receipt of child pornography.”

I am disgusted and angered by this story. And, again, my heart aches. I am sad for his family, his wife, his children, and for those he victimized. His actions are disgusting, unimaginable, and horrendous.

I don’t understand, and I never will.

I am sad these people chose to live their lives this way.

I am sad innocent children became victims.

I am sad they deceived, lied, and tricked those they loved, and those who loved them in return.

I am sad for their wives who now have to live with humiliation over something they had nothing to do with.

I am sad for their children who will one day fully know who their fathers are.

The wives, children, and victims of these men now have to live with the stains they have infused into the cloth of their lives. Scrub as they might, while the stains may eventually fade; they will forever linger as a constant reminder.

Because of this, and many other reasons…I am sad.


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