Filling our House with a Classic

We all love a blast from the past. Well, at least, I do! Recently, I have fallen in love all over again with the popular sitcom, Full House. One afternoon, I decided to turn it on for me and my (almost) five-year-old daughter. I wasn’t sure if she would have any interest, but to my pleasant surprise, I soon felt her little body cuddle up to mine. She was instantly drawn to the show. As a family, we have thoroughly enjoyed reliving the antics of the Tanner Household. We have almost finished the series, and I am going to be sad when we reach the series finale. However, with the Netflix Original Series, Fuller House, on the horizon I have a new generation to look forward to watching. The anticipation is like waiting to meet up with friends you haven’t seen in years.

So, in celebration of this classic, feel-good show, I have compiled a list of my top seven reasons why Full House should be added to your family’s viewing list.

  1. Heart to Hearts. Cue music. Every episode concludes with an emotional heart to heart. These moments are imperative to the show. As predictable­–and sometimes cheesy–as they are, the show wouldn’t be the same without them. These are the teachable moments where conflict is resolved; reinforcing the important lesson that family can work through their problems and move on.
  2. Life lessons. During the heart to heart, as noted above, each episode includes one or more characters learning an important lesson. Often, it is the adults in the show who learn a valuable lesson as well as the children. And, at the end of the day, this is what parenting is all about. We learn from our mistakes as much as our children do.
  3. Relationship Diversity. In a house where three male adults are raising three young females, the show exemplifies that families can exist in a variety of ways. The girls develop strong relationships with not only their dad, but with their Uncle Jesse, and long time family friend, Joey. It is refreshing to watch a show where the male characters are capable, dependable, and influential role models.
  4. Dad Perspective. The mom perspective on issues, especially when it comes to daughters, is one we are exposed to quite regularly. However, the dad (and male) perspective is one we are not often privy to. Danny, Jesse and Joey are left to deal with delicate subjects ranging from simple to complex. These conversations, typically reserved for the mom character, are dealt with in a loving way, where all three men do the best they can to broach these subjects.
  5. Kimmy Gibbler. She may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but her wardrobe speaks volumes. She is also a loyal and integral member of the Tanner family–even if she drives them nuts. She is wacky, and a bit clueless; but there is something about her you just can’t help but love.
  6. Not a cartoon. Hooray! Let’s be honest, one can only take so much of the annoying song and dance that make up the majority of shows offered to young children. I appreciate that Full House is a family friendly show with real people. There is a tangible story line, and I’d listen to Uncle Jesse sing over Mickey Mouse any day!
  7. Family. The heart of this show is made up of a non-traditional group of people who love one another. Their bond, and love for one another is what makes them family. They may not always get along, they experience ups and downs, and they face several challenges; but they face these moments together. This is something that is incredibly important and something we work hard to instill in our daughter.

I am excited to see the Tanner family again, and look forward to enjoying Fuller House with my own family.

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