My Super Awesome Badass Mom

Badass is defined as, “formidable; excellent…”

So fitting.

So true.


Those of us who wake up each day with the best intentions are badass.

Those of us who stay at home and care for our children are badass.

Those of us who leave for work early in the morning are badass.

Those of us who are chasing our own dreams while raising our children are badass.

It’s simple. Moms are badass.

My mom is badass. She’s probably the biggest badass in the entire universe. At least to me she is, and isn’t that what every mom wants? I hope one day my own daughter will look at me and think, “Wow, my mom is super badass.”

My mom was a stay-at-home mom. She was a badass stay-at-home mom. She was there for us whenever me needed her. She made our favourite lunches. She was there to greet us when we returned from school. She was the mom who always had a snack ready and iced tea chilled for my friends when they came over to play. She was there for every extra-curricular activity and recital. She was there to clean our wounds when we fell off our bike. She was there to tuck us in each and every night.

She was there for it all.

When I was in grade three, my anxiety became a demon she would help me live with. From that moment, into my adulthood, my mom would guide and support me as I found my path.

She was my light.

She was my saving grace.

She was there to pull me back to the surface when my anxiety swallowed me whole.

She was my badass mom.

My mom never made me feel crazy, or weird, or got mad at my fears: as irrational as some must have seemed to her. She never told me to “suck it up,” or to “get over it.” She listened with open ears and a loving heart. She was my safe place to fall.

My mom fought as hard as she could to help me feel better–to feel like myself. Through all of the struggles my anxiety brought, she lifted me up. She let me lean on her, so that I could stand on my own. She gave me the strength and the courage to face things I otherwise would have run away from. With her by my side, I knew I could conquer anything.

 She was badass; and she made me believe I could be badass too.

Looking back now, I realize the sacrifices she made by devoting her time to her family 24/7. She says she wouldn’t have had it any other way. But, deep down I know she likely had other dreams­–dreams of her very own.

After having my own daughter I realize, more than ever, the struggles and hardships she must have faced. Like most moms, she had days where she felt frustrated, lonely, and sad. Like most moms, she buried her feelings, concealing them from her children. Then, in the darkness and quiet of the night, she could finally shed the tears she fought so hard to hide all day. As a child I was unaware of her struggles as a mom; but now, as an adult, I have an entirely different view. I see her life from a new perspective. I have a better understanding of exactly how badass she was.

My mom is still badass.

She is always there when I need her. She is my rock. She is my constant. She loves with her whole heart–fully and unconditionally. I know I can be myself with her and she will never judge me, or discount my feelings. We don’t always agree, but that’s what makes our relationship stronger, and authentic.

Together, we make one hell of a team. As individuals, we can trust in who we are, and we have the ability to build one another up when we know the other is struggling.

I can’t imagine my life without her, and I am beyond blessed to call her Mom.

My super awesome badass Mom.





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