What is Love?


Love Is…


Love is a fleecy blanket.

A tight cocoon,

Warm, and comforting.


 Love is a fresh cup of coffee.

A soothing sip,

Delicious and energizing.


Love is a gentle embrace.

A safe place,

Loving and fulfilling.


Love is a messy smooch.

A spontaneous moment,

Innocent and reassuring.


Love is a genuine smile.

A friendly face,

Kind and encouraging.


Love is a quiet space.

A time to reflect,

Creative and all-encompassing.


Love is a thunderous sound.

A minute of silly laughter,

Contagious and erupting.


Love is a sweet gesture.

A second of selflessness,

Necessary and heart warming.


Love is a series of precious moments.

A string of memories,

Amazing and beautiful.


Love is love.

My little love.

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