Days are filled with hours, hours are filled with minutes, and minutes are filled with seconds.

Some days are hard.

Some days are filled with frustrations.

Some days our children are not the most amazing humans on the planet.

Some days we are not the most amazing parent on the planet.

But, that’s okay…

Some days finding the energy to sing silly songs, play hours of Barbie’s, or create Pinterest masterpieces cannot be mustered.

Some days clicking continue on Netflix is the only way to find a moment to hear our own thoughts.

Some days we wake up wishing the day were already over.

Some days if feels as though we are walking a fine line between failure and success.

But, that’s okay…

I am learning that being honest and expressing certain feelings is necessary.

I am doing my best to accept the hours, minutes, and seconds I am not always proud of.

I am determined to allow myself to be vulnerable and admit when life isn’t perpetual sunshine and endless rainbows.

I am human. I am flawed. Life is not perfect.

This is okay.

Every day I show up.

Every day I do my best, whatever my best may be.

Every day I find the strength, even when I feel my weakest.

Some days are a spectacular kaleidoscope.

Some days are a dull, blank canvas.

Some days we need the black to appreciate the color.

Every day my daughter cuddles by my side.

She makes me laugh…

She fills my heart with joy…

Every day my daughter has the ability to wash away the doubt.

These are the moments that reaffirm I am doing a good job. I find comfort and reassurance  in these simple, everyday moments.

I am thankful for my daughter who, unknowingly, is teaching me that every day does not have to be perfect.

A day does not define who I am. A day does not determine my worth as a mom.

A day is, simply, just that; it is one footprint amongst the many I will make in my journey.

Whatever color my today is…tomorrow offers a fresh page.

A new day to decide what I will create.


“Rainbow” by Miss. A

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