In Defence of the Daddy Daughter Date

Have you heard of daddy daughter dates?

I know I have.

Actually, my husband and daughter have had many of these.

Daddy daughter dates are important in our household and here are five reasons why they are important to us as a family.

  1. Builds confidence: when my husband and daughter are together, she gets his undivided attention. They talk about what she loves and what may or may not be bothering her. By listening and understanding her, he gives our daughter the confidence to know that he will always be there for her, no matter what. These moments together allow our daughter to feel special, and loved.
  2. Builds strong relationships: Life is busy. This time between my husband and daughter is sacred and savored. At five-years-old, she is still young, but she is old enough to know already that her dad is present. It is our hope that if she will still go on dates with him as a teenager (we can hope!), that she will have an open and healthy bond where she will share her thoughts and feeling with him.
  3. Sets an example: Call me old fashioned, but what is wrong with teaching our children (not just our daughters) about manners, kindness and respect. We want our daughter to know that whatever relationship she is in, should be based on these things. These dates aren’t about teaching her that a man will do everything for her; they are to teach her that when you are loved, you are treated with love, kindness and respect. In turn, she will learn to treat her future partner in the same way.
  4. Fun: there is nothing better than seeing their faces when they return from special time together. As parents, we all have a universal goal: for our children to be happy. Setting aside time for a date is not only appropriate, but also encouraged in our household. They laugh together. They are silly together. They are together.
  5. Memories: I believe that these moments carved out in time will be memories that my daughter will cherish forever. She will always know that her dad was present, involved and wanted to spend time with her.

At the end of the day it is about the time we spend with our children. My daughter and I have mommy daughter dates, and my husband and her have daddy daughter dates. If we had a son, we would do the same.

We will continue to do our best to foster a strong and healthy relationship with our daughter now, with the hope that as she gets older she will continue to come to us with anything and everything. And, when she’s a teenager and would rather die than hang out with her uncool parents, we will both cherish the dates we had with her when we could.




Concerned Mom in Search of Silence

Sarah Smith of California is your typical mom. However, she is speaking out with her story with the hope that other parents won’t feel so alone and afraid. She is determined to speak up and let people know that she is committed to finding an answer for what she believes could turn into a catastrophic problem for parents around the world.

“We couldn’t wait until our daughter, Lucy, started talking. You know what I mean?” Sarah told newspapers yesterday. “I worked diligently with her from birth, talking and singing to her constantly. We read all the books, all the time. I was determined for her to talk before any of our friends’ kids. Not that I’m competitive at all!” She laughed nervously, wringing her hands.

The Smith’s couldn’t have predicted what would happen next.

“I couldn’t believe it when she said her first word…dada. I mean, I was sure that she would say Mama because, obviously.” However, once Sarah got over the trauma of that first word she states that Lucy just kept on incorporating new words into her vocabulary. Before they knew it she was talking in full sentences and was talking all the time. According  to both parents, Lucy’s condition has only worsened as she has gotten older. “Suddenly, I would hear her talking in her room, in the bathroom, and, sometimes, even while she’s asleep.”

Sarah and her husband, Sam became concerned with their daughter’s inability to stop talking. They started keeping a logbook to keep track of how often Lucy was speaking. “We gave up eventually.” Sarah stated with her head hung in shame. “We just couldn’t keep track and we became physically exhausted.”

The Smith’s refused to give up and took Lucy to the top doctors in their state. However, the endless visits proved futile and the professional’s all told her the same thing. Lucy was a perfectly normal four-year-old.

But, Sarah refuses to stop seeking answers. “A mother has a special intuition, when it comes to her kids.” She told reporters. “I know something is wrong. I mean, surely she can’t possibly talk ALL the time. Surely she can’t tell us the names of EVERY Shopkin EVER made EVERY SINGLE DAY without our heads exploding. Surely being stuck in a car for twenty minutes shouldn’t make my ears bleed.”

At the time this story was printed Sarah and Sam are still seeking emotional and financial support. “We know we can’t be alone in our fight. As parents, we can ban together and find silence again. It’s out there. It has to be.”